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We buy Gold - Loan/Buy/Sell most valuables.

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Jewelry & Watches

We accept all gold, Platinum and Silver Jewelry as well as high end watches


Small Electronics

Laptops (Win7 or above), Digital SLR Cameras, and other electronics of value may be accepted for either loan or purchase


Musical Instruments

Guitars, Keyboards, Brass and Woodwind instruments are all available. Unfortunately, due to its size, we rarely carry any percussion instruments.

...And Much, Much, More. Call us if you have somthing unique and/or interesting to Pawn or Sell

Secured Collateral Loans

Loans from $5 and up are available on almost anything of value.


We will also buy anything of value that we believe can easily be resold. Items must be complete and in good condition.

Retail Items Available

All items that you see in the cases and on the walls are for sale. We price our items based on what they actual sold for recently on eBay. Then the negotiations begin!


From time to time, we get items that we sell wholesale to registered retailers that can provide a valid resell license

I came all the way from Lake Arrowhead to get a laptop from Brian! I have sold and bought stuff from him a couple times in the last 2 years. Super friendly, very reasonable and always seems to have EXACTLY what I need!

Great Pawn Shop! Not the largest one around but the cleanest. The employees were friendly and helpful. Been there twice now bought something both times. Seem always ready to negotiate prices…..I highly recommend this place.

I moved out to temecula from orange county about a year ago, this pawnshop has always giving me great deals. I love how they treat you like a friend and are always nice\very professional! I’d definitely recommend this shop over any other in Murrieta and temecula.

Great selection of used good at this pawn shop! I’ve never seen so many interesting things!

BEST value for my gold! Gave me cash on the spot and it was way more than what the other pawn shops in the area quoted me. I’m very happy!

Nicest guys around! This shop remembers your name & treats you like a valued customer and they appreciate your business. They pay fairly well. You might be able to find a little more money on your gold but not without a lot of driving and hassle. This shop is very fair, and they treat you well….which is rare in this type of business nowadays. A+

Went into my first pawn shop. I love pawn stars and wanted to check out a real one. This place is nothing like the sleezy shops you see in the movies….it is clean, organized…and the people behind the counters were very respectful. They helped me out of a bind were very accomodating……thanks guys…I’ll be sure to pass the word!

Wonderful people that helped me out of a jam. Highly recommended, terrific prices, great rates, very fair and respectable.

Why Us?

We know you have options when it comes to short term collateral loans. You can trust us

All loans are completely confidential.  We will never give any information over the phone unless you provide us with a secured code.

Your items are secured in high security safes and locked gated store rooms.  In fact, many of our customers prefer to use us as their “safety deposit box” because they don’t trust leaving their stuff in their homes!

We use state of the art computers and digital equipment to get you in and out of here as quickly as possible.  The average time to loan for a new customer is less than 5 minutes.  Most returning customers are in and out in under 2 minutes!

Don’t take our word for it, but we have been told that we are the friendliest shop in town.  Come in and see for yourself.

Temecula Pawn Shop - GoldXchange

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Third Party rewrite Authorization

This is for loan rewrites by a third party only, NOT for Pickups!